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Custodian - An Oratorio for a Choir that Acts


Custodian- An Ex Parte Oratorio (2018) for “an a-cappella choir that acts”, combines the Biblical myth of Naboth’s vineyard with the real story of the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) attempts to evict the Palestinian Sumreen family from their home in East Jerusalem. 

The performers are requested to perform this piece “at any place that might inspire change”, and it was thus far performed outside the JNF headquarters in Jerusalem, and the JNF museum in Tel Aviv, being understood by the cast, the audience and the press as both musical piece, and a political action. 

“An exceptional protest piece”, Nir Hasson, Haaretz 

Music and Text by Uri Agnon

Conductor: Lily Solomonov

The Choir: Shira Z. Carmel, Tamar Cohen, Isabelle Muller, Netanel Chendler, Yael Schreiber, Michal Tamari and Lily Solomonov

Performed at The Jewish National Fund's Headquarters (without permission), Jerusalem | Outside The Jewish National Fund House, Tel Aviv

אורטוריה 2.JPG

Photos: Ella Israeli

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