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"Absentee" Means  

An installation piece for recorded choir and piano, and three screens, "Absentee” Means (2020) points to the deep and disturbing link between the Biblical story of Naboth’s vineyard and Israeli property laws; between the ultimate tale of sovereign corruption and the Absentees’ Property Law (1950) as reflected in the unfolding story of an East Jerusalem family, The Sumarin Family, fighting for its right to remain in their home.
It is a continuation of the oratorio Custodian.

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Forthcoming - commissioned by Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Conductor: Lily Solomonov

Piano: Amit Biton

The Choir: Shira Z. Carmel, Tamar Cohen,  Yael Schreiber, Michal Tamari and Lily Solomonov

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