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Moskubiya (2012) a theatre piece for six instruments, portrays tactics of torture in police investigations through musical composition. It tells the story of five musicians trying to force a flutist to speak. It begins outside on a main street and ends in the back room of an old synagogue. The work is based on the testimonies of torture survivors and NGO reports on torture.  The storyline was written together with director and playwright Sivan Ben Yishai who also directed the piece. The music of this work was composed in a semi-scoreless process. 

Piece by Uri Agnon and Sivan Ben Yishai

Director: Sivan Ben Yishai

Music: Uri Agnon

Performers: Maria Kharash (flute), Gal Levi (tom drum), Sara Benninga (accordion), Yoram Linker (saxophone), Yohay Vered (trumpet), Uri Agnon (snare drum).


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