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A film by Sagi Bornstein and Udi Nir

Music by Uri Agnon

Thousands of young Israelis go on a “Journey to Poland” each year to learn about the holocaust. Looking at the journey through the videos they upload on YouTube reveals a moving and troubling picture of the Israeli narrative and the way collective memory is formed in the web age.


The first documentary entirely composed of existing YouTube material. #Uploading_Holocaust shows how young Israelis deal with the memory of the Holocaust in the digital age.


A documentary by Molly Stuart

Music by Uri Agnon

Atalya Ben-Abba, a 19-year-old Israeli, is obligated to enlist in the armed forces. But the more she learns about occupied Palestinian territories the more she is tempted to refuse conscription. In Molly Stuart's debut feature we are offered a rare window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the perspective of an indomitable Jewish woman making an uncommon sacrifice. As Atalya searches for alternatives to government service and is frequently imprisoned, her actions affect the outlook of both her family and her community.

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