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An installation piece for recorded choir and piano, and three screens, "Absentee” Means (2020) points to the deep and disturbing link between the Biblical story of Naboth’s vineyard and Israeli property laws; between the ultimate tale of sovereign corruption and the Absentees’ Property Law (1950).... [continue reading]


This piece is named after the 1990  novel Akud by Albert Suissa, which takes place at the underserved neighborhood Ir Ganim, where I taught music between 2008-2013. The music is freely improvised and over it the camera wanders through the neighborhood, reaching young students of mine, aged similarly to the main characters of the book, who read extracts of the novel.

The piece was commissioned by the Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem for the exhibition "Nivim" curated by Albert Suisa.

The music is improvised by Elie Adelman, Amit Mendel and myself. The video is shot by Dan Yehuda. 

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