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An outrageous show about a wandering Jew on British soil. A tale of old hate, new guilt, shifting privilege and unconscious BS. [continue reading]

A piece for narrator and flexibel ensemble exploring the rhtyms and dynaimcs or political marching. Click to watch the full performance.

A segment from a piece for percussion instruments, chosen by the performer, and a randomly changing click track. Workshopped by Eugene Ughetti... (read more)

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I HATE EGGPLANT is a person-less personal reflection on identity and empire for clarinet keyboard, electric guitar, cello and electronics. [continue reading]


The starting point for What Can I do was my request that Eva (accordion) and Heather (clarinets) record every action they take for political reasons... [continue reading]

Feel Free (2020) is a Bass Clarinet and electronics piece based on a Nick Laird poem with the same name. The piece includes the poets voice reading out his poem.
The piece is played by Ausias Garrigos and was commissioned by Riot Ensemble's Zeitgeist project... [continue reading]


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An installation piece for recorded choir and piano, and three screens, "Absentee” Means points to the deep and disturbing link between the Biblical story of Naboth’s vineyard and Israeli property laws; between the ultimate tale of sovereign corruption and the Absentees’ Property Law (1950).... [continue reading]


Custodian- An Oratorio for a Choir that Acts (2018), combines the Biblical myth of Naboth’s vineyard with the real story of the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) attempts to evict a Palestinian family... [continue reading]

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The Opera Word Problems (2016) is composed entirely of Israeli school textbooks set to music. It embodies the seemingly trivial areas of education such as scientific class experiments, mathematical word problems, and grammatical examples... [continue reading]

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Cyrus was the king of what was then the biggest empire in history. In the Hebrew Bible he is told to have been commanded by God to return the Jews from exile and build the second temple... [continue reading]


Moskubiya (2012) for six instrumentalists, is a musicians street theater piece that composes different tactics of torture in investigations. It is the story of five musicians trying to force a flutist to speak... [continue reading]

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A Dramatic song cycle from Udi Nir's unpublished play "The Wanderer" which tells the story of a wanderer in a city torn by war and hunger... [continue reading]

A documentary by Sagi Bornstein and Udi Nir

Music by Uri Agnon

Thousands of young Israelis join “The journey to Poland” each year to learn about the holocaust. Looking into the journey through the videos they upload on YouTube reviles a moving and troubling image of the Israeli narrative and the way collective memory is formed in the web age.


The first documentary entirely composed of existing YouTube material, showing how young Israelis deal with the memory of the Holocaust in the digital age.


A documentary by Molly Stuart

Music by Uri Agnon

Atalya Ben-Abba, a 19-year-old Israeli, is obligated to enlist in the armed forces. But the more she learns about occupied Palestinian territories the more she is tempted to refuse conscription. In Molly Stuart's debut feature we are offered a rare window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the perspective of an indomitable Jewish woman making an uncommon sacrifice. As Atalya searches for alternatives to government service and is frequently imprisoned, her actions affect the outlook of both her family and her community.



This piece is named after the 1990  novel Akud by Albert Suissa, which takes place in the underserved neighborhood Ir Ganim, where I was teaching music between 2008-2013. The music is freely improvised and over it the camera wanders through the neighborhood, reaching young students of mine, aged similarly to the main characters of the book, who read extracts of the novel.

The piece was commissioned by Agripas 12 Gallery in Jerusalem for the exhibition "Nivim" curated by Albert Suisa.

The music is improvised by Elie Adelman, Amit Mendel and myself. The video is shot by Dan Yehuda. 




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