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Trees for clarinet, violin, cello and piano
performed at
WarszeMuzik festival, Warsaw, 17/8/2024

brecht: fragments a show with original music by Uri Agnon
runs June 15th - July 28th at Raven Row Gallery
More info and tickets


brecht.fragments_Raven Row_Photo credit © Anne Tetzlaff_DSC9428.jpg

Image by Anne Tetzlaff

שיעורי בית אימג׳.jpeg

A piece for four actors and live electronics exploring the Israeli poltical discourse, asking  what it reveals and what it hides, who's aloud to use it and what for. For details and tickets click here.


A piece for narrator and flexible ensemble exploring the dynamics and rhythms of political marches. Concerts in, Brighton (16/3), and Manchester (23/3), and London (24/3).

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