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As a political activist Uri has taken a leading part in campaigns and struggles over the last decade, most notably struggles against the occupation of East-Jerusalem. His work as an activist and a musician are deeply linked, as many of his pieces engage directly with political struggles. Uri was a founding member of activist groups and social movements such as Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah, Hamabara, and Free Jerusalem. Uri is also one of the founding members of the Jerusalem Rhythm of Resistance group “Yasamba” that has been drumming at demonstrations for the last decade. Bellow you will find a partial list of activist Journalism, and a couple of direct action pieces.


Israel's Largest Music Club Dances with Far Right Groups to Host Festival in Palestinian Neighborhood

Haaretz (English, Hebrew


Laurie Anderson’s “Political Scream” is But an Awkward Silence 

Haaretz (Hebrew) and Mondwiess (English)


The True Crime of “Jerusalem District” 

 Haaretz (Hebrew)

BP must fall Amy Scaife.jpeg

A 1,500 participant performance action organized by "BP or not BP?" to pressure the British Museum to stop its oil sponsorship, themed around the Troy war myth. In it, musicians, including Uri, wrote and composed... [continue reading]

An Argument in Favor of Preaching to the Choir

A paper given on Eavesdropping Symposium April 2020


Custodian- An Oratorio for a Choir that Acts (2018), combines the Biblical myth of Naboth’s vineyard with the real story of the Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) attempts to evict a Palestinian family... [continue reading]

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