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An outrageous show about a wandering Jew on British soil. A tale of old hate, new guilt, shifting privilege and unconscious BS. You’ll either love it — or you’re antisemitic.

Antisemitism - a (((musical)) ran for two weeks at Camden People's Theatre (London), with an additional performance at God's House Tower (Southampton).

Listen to a song:

"Not only funny, but life affirming" Jewish Ranaissance
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"Thought provoking theatre that goes agains the grain" In Common

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Interview with Uri Agnon in Euronews

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  • Text and music: Uri Agnon

  • Director: Emma Jude Harris

  • Musical Director: David Merriman

  • Set and Costume Designer: Cory Shipp

  • Lighting Designer: Amy Daniels

  • Video Designer: Adam Lenson

  • Movement Consultant: Adi Gortler

  • Producer: Jessie Anand

  • Production Manager: Andreas Ayling

  • Sound Engineer: Becks Cleworth

  • Stage Manager: Zoë Mackinnon

  • Protagonist: Maya Kristal Tenenbaum

  • Narrator 1: Hannah Bristow

  • Narrator 2: Amy Parker

  • Keys 1: David Merriman

  • Keys 2: Oli George Rew

  • Tweet choir (pre-recorded): Peter Falconer

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